Rescue & Restore

... your data


Unfortunately, it often happens that important documents, photos, videos or other files have been accidentally and accidentally deleted, or in extreme cases even the whole hard drive has been formatted.

If you have lost important files unintentionally, we can help you!
DISTA-IT can analyze, recover, back up and make available the lost data thanks to modern, professional tools and programs with a data backup system.

Unfortunately, we are unable to give you a 100% guarantee of success, as it depends on several factors, the probability of each file being individually restored. Therefore, we always say: “We save what can still be saved.”

The following factors determine the likelihood of successful recovery of your data:

  • Number of write cycles of your hard disk
  • Age of your hard drive
  • State of each sector of your hard drive

After we have been able to restore the data in the best possible way, they will be made available to you on a medium.

You have lost data? – Do not hesitate!
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